Vietnam Part 9: Vegan in Hanoi

During our last three days in Vietnam we explored the city of Hanoi in further detail. To let the busy streetlife, food carts and architecture sink in more, we walked instead of renting a scooter. Also, because we were not out of our minds. The traffic in Hanoi is horrible.

Tran Quoc Pagoda, Quan Thanh Temple, Botanic Garden, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

One of our first goals was the Tran Quoc Pagoda, a buddhist temple on the west lake. The entrance is free and only allowed when shoulders and knees are covered. Like many other temples we’d seen in Hanoi, this one was a tourist magnet with guided tour groups around every corner. On the way back we passed the Quan Tanh temple with its iconic temple entrance facing the loud streets and munched a traditional snack at a Loving Hut.

The park we later wanted to visit turned out to be a botanic garden with monkeys kept in cages, which was obviously a No Go for us. As we walked past the fenced terrain, we noticed not only the captive animals but also how unspectacular the rest of the botanic garden was. In fact, after all, it WAS a city park, and a quite average one in a country that has to offer wild national parks with dense jungle, colorful flowers and dramatic waterfalls. Save your money for a delicious meal instead.

Like a pretty enjoyable lunch at “Lovegan”. After our relentless devouring through the menu, we continued our journey to the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and the close by One Pillar Pagoda. Not too far away is the Ho Chi Minh Museum in an imposing building.

The Train Street

The Train Street is an unavoidable phenomenon if you’re browsing instagram under #hanoi. A charming, narrow street in the Old Quarter of Hanoi has become famous amongst instagramers and bloggers, as twice a day a train rushes over the rails that are just eerily close to the houses. Only a few centimeters are left between the spectators and the speeding train that leaves as fast as it came. Some locals seem to be unimpressed while others took the opportunity to open bars and earn money with the crowds that are attracted by the short but adrenaline packed spectacle. Needless to say, we had to go there. Twice.

The Train Street during the day
Train street hanoi vietnam
Trainspotting in Hanoi

The Long Bien Bridge

The Long Bien Bridge offered a cool spot for a photo and also led us to a less touristy part of the city. Through vendor packed streets we found our way up to the station. Built during the French Colony, it was once one of the longest bridges in Asia.

On the hunt for food in the streets of Hanoi

We packed every place we visited in Hanoi into a nice list for you! Links as always below. Enjoy!

Jalus Vegan

One of our GoTo-Spots in the Old Quarter of Hanoi where we also grabbed Take Away breakfast for the next day. Offers Vietnamese and Western meals.


Situated outside the Old Quarter near the Botanical Garden. A small, comfy place with only a few tables. Offers snacks like Banh Mi, hummus, cakes.

V's Home

Vegetarian and vegan restaurant. Stylish, fine dining in the Old Quarter. A bit more on the expensive side.

vshome vegan hanoi vietnam

Loving Hut

All vegan restaurant group. Not far away from the Tran Quoc Pagoda. Small and cheap place, but great food.

Tam An Lac - Hoan Kiem

Vegan restaurant in the middle of a small grocery shop. We were not too fond of the served food, but maybe we got there on the wrong day, as reviews seem to be mostly positive.

tam an lac vegan hanoi

Nang Tam

Vegetarian and vegan restaurant. Delicious, well priced food. Well-known amongst locals and monks.

nang tam vegan hanoi

An Lac Chay - Hoan Kiem

Vegetarian and vegan all you can eat buffet. Mostly vegan, but some drinks may contain cowmilk. Huge selection!

Vegan Banh Mi - Food Cart

There was no food cart when we visited, but they also have a small room down the alley. We came for all the snacks & desserts, unfortunately they had none left! We opted for the classic Banh Mi instead.

Impressions of Hanoi

To wrap up our North Vietnam journey we’d like to show you a few more shots from Hanoi. Thanks for reading!


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