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*** Updated: November 2019 ***

Vegan in Disneyland Paris

When we visited Disneyland Paris two years ago (in 2017), we were quite pessimistic about vegan food. Unfortunately, our fear came true: almost no vegan options and no clear ingredient / allergen labels. 

In November 2019 we therefore headed back to the magic land of Mickey Mouse, full of hope for a vegan feast. So much had changed since then with Beyond Meat and Impossible Burgers sweeping over the Fast Food world. News and media had been covered with climate change headlines and what huge impact a plant-based diet would have on the planet. We noticed more and more vegan restaurants opening their doors and documentaries like the “Game Changersled to a lot of controversy and discussion on the internet. In addition, Disney World in Orlando overwhelmed guests with a remarkable amount of vegan options in 2019. Surely, Disneyland Paris would have stepped up their game and started to offer a wide range of plant-based goodness, too … right? 

Well, not really. Although you can find some options here and there, the park leaves much to be desired. We took a deep dive into the offers and made a list with vegan meals as well as a few recommendations on how to get through on a tight budget. 

Vegan Options in Disneyland Paris

We relied on self-catering for the most part, as this was a reliable and wallet-friendly way to not starve. The cold temperatures in November made sure our hummus, bread, soy milk, oats, and homemade cake were well looked after in the car. So now that our breakfast and snacks were safe, let’s go into the park!  

Here’s the list of restaurants we did not find any vegan meals: Au Chalet de la Marionnette (Fantasyland), Cable Car Bake Shop (Main Street U.S.A.), Café Mickey (Disney Village), California Grill (Disneyland Hotel), Casey’s Corner (Main Street U.S.A.), Cookie Kitchen (Main Street U.S.A.), Crocket’s Tavern (Frontierland), King Ludwig’s Castle (Disney Village). 

Despite our claim, you might notice on some of those menues the “V” symbol, which means vegetarian, and more than often it is only a shabby side dish salad. You deserve better than this!

Every other restaurant has at least a real vegetarian option that might be veganised, if you ask the friendly staff. Please let us know if you found some more and what you thought! 

Vegan in "Main Street U.S.A."

The Main Street U.S.A. is the welcomingextended entranceof the park where you can find snacks, merchandise and the information center. The long street lets you already soak in the park’s ambiance before heading into one of the other theme worlds that actually have rides.  

Vegan In Main Street USA
The Main Street U.S.A. is the first theme world you see after entering the Park

Unfortunately, no vegan options by now.

Vegetarian Options that might be veganised

In the Main Street U.S.A. we found the following restaurant with vegetarian dishes that should be vegan if you leave aside a few ingredients like cheese.

  • Market House Deli: vegetable sandwich. We did not verify the list of allergens.

Vegan in "Frontierland"

The wild west themed Frontierland is home to the thrilling Big Thunder Mountain, a mine train that rushes over a steep mountainrange in the middle of a large lake. The spooky Phantom Manor is our most beloved haunted mansion in any theme park, although it is not as terrifying as the lack of vegan options in Disneyland Paris 😉

Disneyland Paris Frontierland
The Big Thunder Mountain is Frontierland's highlight

Last Chance Café

One of the few really vegan meals can be found here:

  • Vegan Chili

Vegetarian Options that might be veganised

In Frontierland we found the following restaurant with vegetarian dishes that should be vegan if you leave aside a few ingredients like cheese.

  • Fuente del Oro: The only v-labeled meal are nachos. Without cheese sauce this should be vegan. Back in 2017, the churros were also vegan.
    One of our readers pointed out that they now would contain milk. We could not verify this, as the restaurant was closed during our visit.

Vegan in "Adventureland"

Where Indiana Jones meets the Pirates of the Caribbean. Indy’s rollercoaster the Temple of Peril is a hair-raising adventure set around temple ruins in the jungle. An absolute must! The Pirates ride has become a bit out-dated, but still enjoyable. Besides the rides, don’t forget to just wander around, as this part of the park has lots to discover. Paths lead through caves, forests and along shipwrecks and rivers. 

Disneyland Paris Adventureland
The Pirates of the Caribbean call Adventureland their home

Restaurant Agrabah Café

Probably the most popular place among vegan visitors. A Moroccan All-You-Can-Eat Buffet with lots of vegan options like couscous, hummus, vegetables and salads. There are no labels but the staff will help you out.

  • All You Can Eat Buffet

Captain Jack’s

Vegan or veganisable options:

  • Caribbean guacamole, root vegetable salad
  • Quinoa salad with a spicy cashew vinaigrette
  • Vegetable curry, plantain banana and Captain’s rice

Captain Jack himself has a vegetarian recommendation on the menu with two starters and two main dishes. The vegetable curry is vegan according to the ingredients, but make sure to ask anyway

Restaurant Hakuna Matata

The “vegetarian Hakuna Salad” is vegan according to the ingredients. Just make sure the dressing is only oil & vinegar.

  • vegetarian Hakuna Salad
  • White rice
  • Assortment of vegetables
  • “Lion’s Favourite Feast” (Assortment of vegetables or sweet corn fries)

Vegetarian Options that might be veganised

In the Adventureland we found the following restaurant with a vegetarian dish that should be vegan if you leave aside a few ingredients like cheese.

  • Colonel Hathi’s Pizza Outpost: Menu 1 contains Pasta with neapolitan sauce, a salad and a drink.
    As always, there are no allergens listed on the menu, but this should be vegan or veganisable.

Vegan in "Fantasyland"

This is the classic Disney fairy tale world. Peter Pan, Snow White and Pinocchio await you in a medieval village behind the famous Sleeping Beauty Castle. 

Vegan In Fantasyland
Maybe all the vegan goodness is hidden in Alice's Curious Labyrinth?

Unfortunately, no vegan options by now.

Vegetarian Options that might be veganised

The Fantasyland unfortunately doesn’t offer any real vegan options. We found the following restaurants with a vegetarian dish that should be veganisable.

  • Pizzeria Bella Notte: À la Carte restaurant with Neapolitan Pasta. No allergen list.
  • Auberge de Cendrillon: Two vegetarian dishes (Cream of pumpkin and cep soup, Fresh pasta with wild mushrooms).
    There are no allergens listed and we are very sceptical if these could easily be veganised.

Vegan in "Discoveryland"

The science fiction world of Disneyland Paris. Star Wars, Buzz Lightyear and everything Jules Vernes welcomes you in Discoveryland. In a galaxy, far far away, there must be a cruelty free theme park!

Disneyland Paris Discoveryland
The Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain shoots you into space

Café Hyperion

Fast food snack restaurant:

  • Tropical Pineapple Fruit Cup

Vegan in "Walt Disney Studios Park"

The Studios were quite shut down during our visit. Half the park was under renovation / construction in November 2019, so we couldn’t hop on our beloved Rock’n’Rollercoaster! At least the Twilight Tower of Terror opened its elevator door into the Twilight Zone. 

Walt Disney Studios Park
The Hollywood Tower Hotel aka The Twilight Tower of Terror

Vegan Kitchen

We did not trust our eyes when we stumbled upon a small lodge with a huge sign “Vegan Kitchen” on it. No way! Were we still in the Twilight Zone?
The initial joy faded away faster than Buzz Lightyear’s blaster could shoot when we saw the tiny portions they charged 6€ for.
The lodge was a great idea nevertheless!

  • Squash and chickpeas soup
  • Mushroom soup
  • Chocolate cake
  • Banana bread

Vegetarian Options that might be veganised

In the Studio Park we found the following restaurant with a vegetarian dish that should be vegan if you leave aside a few ingredients like cheese.

  • Bistrot Chez Rémy: There are two vegetarian dishes on the menu, the vegetable and tofu navarin should be vegan. Again: no allergen list available.

Vegan in "Disney Village"

After the vegan options directly in the park have been really rare, we were hopeful to grab something in the Disney Village, which covers a huge area in front of the park entrance. Disney Village is free for everyone, so you don’t necessarily need a ticket to stay there. Unfortunately, there is no good reason to do so.

Planet Hollywood

By habit we study almost every menu in hope to find a clearly labeled vegan option. At Planet Hollywood we discovered one: The Vegan Burger! We gave it a try but ended up disappointed by the quite expensive burger itself and the unorganised restaurant staff.

  • Vegan Burger (clearly labeled)
vegan burger planet hollywood
Vegan Burger at Planet Hollywood (Disney Village)


Vapiano is almost everywhere a good emergency place to go for vegans, as there are clearly labeled options available. We ended up here for a vegetable pizza without cheese.

  • Several pasta options
  • Vegetable pizza (order without cheese)
veganpizza vapiano disneyland paris
Vegetable Pizza without cheese at Vapiano


At Starbucks you can order your coffee with plant milk. They also have at least one vegan cake or cookie.

  • Plant milk available
  • Vegan cake or cookies

Vegetarian Options that might be veganised

  • Annette’s Diner: a few vegetarian options are on the menu. Two vegetarian burgers can be veganised.
  • Earl of Sandwich: You can chose a sandwich from the menu and leave a few things out while adding some more veggies.

Christmas at Disneyland Paris

Winter Disneyland Paris
Maybe all the vegan goodness is still unpacked in Goofy's gift boxes?

Around Christmas, Disneyland Paris turns into a twinkling winter-wonderland! Additionally to the sound and smell of the “most beautiful time of the year”, you should get some more vegan options under the Christmas tree, shouldn’t you? Surprisingly, we found something “special”!

In the Disney Studios we came across a small Christmas market. One of the stalls was offering a vegan vegetable soup (clearly labeled). Additionally, you can grab some chestnuts there, which are quite warming on a cold and rainy day!

vegan christmas disneyland chestnuts
Warming Chestnuts found at the Christmas Market (Disney Studios Park)

Vegan Snacks at Disneyland Paris

First of all, we’d like to mention all the snacks we found out not to be vegan: candyfloss (the red one contains carmine), churros (unfortunately contains milk), pretzel (contains diary). The prepackaged snacks are clearly labeled but there are rarely vegan options available.

Nevertheless, there are some sweet and savory things you can grab as a vegan:

  • Popcorn (there are two types of freshly made popcorn: one with oil and one with butter. The stands are scattered all around the park, you’ll definitely come across them sooner or later. )
  • Lay's Chips (note: not all of them are vegan, check the ingredients!)
  • Fresh fruit (can be found everywhere in the park)
Vegan Popcorn in front of the "Big Thunder Mountain"

...last, but not least, a few essential tips:

  • For us, autumn is definitely the best time to visit Disneyland Paris. The time between Halloween and Christmas is less crowded, especially when there is neither the Halloween decoration nor the Christmas decoration completely finished. And the most important advantage of an autumn-trip: you can keep your own vegan food cool in the car 😉
  • Make sure to check if there are holidays in France before you book your stay to avoid the crowds and get a better price for your hotel!
  • We definitely recommend to take some snacks with you into the park! So you can save some money and eat what and when you want to.
  • When you want to have a meal in one of the theme restaurants in the park, it is always a good idea to make a reservation, even on days when the park doesn’t seem to be too crowded. You can book a table at your Disney Hotels’ reception or at the info desk in the park itself. 
  • The Disney Hotel restaurants are not that promising. It’s also not a surprise that you won’t find a vegan menu, but also the Buffets could be a bit tricky. As we mentioned many times before, it’s always best to ask before ordering or to avoid them completely. 
  • If you are staying in one of the Disney Hotels (recommended!), you get access to the park one hour earlier than the other guests. Make sure to use this time!

We hope our ultimate guide helped you out. As always, thanks for reading and enjoy your stay!



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  1. The churros contains milk. We asked the allergy Contents.

    1. Thanks for the heads-up!
      Back in Nov 2017 they were definitely vegan, as we asked the allergy contents as well.
      We’ll write a full update in a few weeks, after our next trip to Disneyland.

  2. We go for the half board option staying in a Disney hotel, but even then like you say finding vegan options is not easy. With the half board we breakfast at the hotel, options are fried potatoes, beans, and yes bread and jam. In our upcoming trip my wife is going to take her own vegan choc spread. The buffet breakfast means we can skip lunch and then have a buffet meal in the evening. Yes these are expensive but you can eat a lot.

    Most buffets have salad starter bar, and a few vegan dishes, but you will need to ask your server to take you through the buffet as a lot of the vegetable dishes are cooked in butter, or covered in cheese. The buffet in sequioa lodge was the worst, all my wife could get in there was salad. Oddly enough the best vegan buffet is the grange at Billybobs, if you ignore the bbq foods they have a lot of beans, etc, and a make your own fajita/burrito section.

    This is something that we are hoping will transfer from the Disney take over. Even taking specific diets out the equation the food options in Disneyland Paris are years behind the American Parks there is really only 3 choices on any menu. Then when it comes to specific diets they really dive and the information available online is severely lacking. In the last few years WDW has become a dream to find vegan options, but then again, even the dining booking system for Paris is years behind, with having to make reservations by phone, not online or via apps in this day in age, for a company as big as Disney is ridiculous!

    Needless to say we pack a lot of our own snacks to take into the park and to enjoy in our room at other times.

    1. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience!
      We were there this November (update coming soon) and we hadn’t seen much change after two years…

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