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Vegan Guide to Phantasialand

Phantasialand in Brühl (near Cologne, Germany) was one of the 20 most visited amusement parks in Europe in 2018. At the moment, 26 rides, several shows and a lot of restaurants invite guests to linger in the well decorated theme world. This year we gave it a try and were surprised by the amount of vegan food we found everywhere in the park! So after our Disneyland Paris Guide (2019 update coming this winter), we’re stoked to present you our very special guide to the vegan world of Phantasialand! 

The different themes and attractions

The park is divided into six theme worlds: Berlin, Mystery, Mexio, China Town, Deep in Africa and Fantasy. Rides like “Taron” (rollercoaster in Mystery), Black Mamba (Deep in Africa) or the new virtual reality rollercoaster “Crazy Bats” lure every year almost 2 million visitors in. Right next to the park lie Phantasialand’s two themed hotels, the Hotel Ling Bao and the Hotel Matamba. 

Our favourite ride was “Taron”, an insane rollercoaster that rushes through mountain peaks and over the roofs of the northern village of Klugheim in Mystery. We had to wait 100 minutes in line (that’s what you get on a sunny Saturday in August), but we could just not resist a coaster in this beautifully crafted setting.

phantasialand vegan world explorer

Surprised by the Park-Guide

A look at the Park-Guide let us a bit stunned: next to the restaurants were small symbols indicating vegan options. Now that’s something to be jealous of, dear Disneyland Paris! 

Following this map, you should find vegan food / snacks in every theme world. Off we went exploring! 

Vegan Options in Phantasialand

Let’s start with the places where you won’t find anything and can skip right away: 

Waffelbäckerei (Berlin), Eis-Café Annie Himmelreich (Berlin), Kornmüller’s Crêpes (Mystery), Humpenbude (Mystery), Hot Dogs Mexico (Mexico), China Snack (China Town), Softeis China Town (China Town), Snack Wuze Town Kinderland (Fantasy) and Softeis Wuze-Tal (Fantasy). 

We made a full list of the restaurants that are marked by vegan symbols in the Park-Guide: 

Vegan in "Berlin"

“Berlin” is the classic theme park world, similar to Disneyland’s Main Street. The first ride you’ll encounter is the carousel and the main attraction is “Maus au Chocolat”, an interactive 3D family ride. You’ll come across lots of kid’s rides and the Fun House “Das verrückte Hotel Tartüff”. 

The world is home to small cafés, a snackbar and the restaurant “Unter den Linden”. 

berlin unter den linden phantasialand

Restaurant „Unter den Linden“

One dish is marked as vegan. Also has a large salad bar with antipasti.

  • Pasta with grilled vegetables – marked as vegan
  • Salad Bar - not labelled

Take a look at Unter den Linden’s menu online (german)

Heino's Kaffehaus

Marked with vegan symbol in the Park-Guide. Unfortunately we didn´t manage to visit the place in person and did not found more information online.

Lilli’s Café

Marked with vegan symbol in the Park-Guide. Unfortunately we didn´t manage to visit the place in person and did not found more information online.

Kaiser Snack

Fries marked by the official Vegan Logo. No menu online.

  • Fries – marked as vegan

Vegan in "Mystery":

If you take Phantasialand’s entrance of “Mystery”, you’ll immediately stumble upon some of the park’s main attractions. The “Taronis, according to the park itself, the fastest multi-launch-coaster in the world. And boy, is it fast! The rails guide you through mountain peaks and over the roofs of the northern village of Klugheim, a spectacular setting we haven’t seen in a theme park yet. A bit slower but not less appealing is the boomerang-coaster “Raik”. The rafting “River Quest” offers you a quick refreshing on a hot summer day and if you’re not afraid of heights, the Bungee-Drop-Tower “Mystery Castle” is just around the corner. 

Phantasialand mystery
The Taron rollercoaster is Mystery's highlight

Rutmor‘s Taverne

Vegan-labelled options:

  • Pretzel (2.10€)
  • "Flammkuchen" with soycream, potatoes, rocket and cherry tomatoes (10.00€)
  • Vegan stir-fried potatoes with onion (11.50€)

Take a look at Rutmor’s Taverne’s menu online

Heisser Baldur

Although it is labelled as vegan in the Park-Guide, we only found a "Laugenbrezel" (pretzel)

  • Laugenbrezel

Vegan in "Mexico":

One of Phantasialand’s most popular roller coasters, the mine train “Colorado Adventure”, lies in the theme world “Mexico”. Not too far away is the log flume “Chiapas”, which has the world’s highest drop (53°) and obviously also has one of the longest waiting times during summer. The “Talocanis a common ride you’ll see at most fun fairs, but that doesn’t make it any less exciting. 

Here in Mexico you’ll find Tapas, Focaccia and Churros, which makes it the most vegan friendly part of the park. 


Tacana Snack-Restaurant

Vegan-labelled options:

  • Vegan Falafel Burger
  • Fries

Take a look at Tacana Snack’s menu online (German)

Cocorico Tapas Bar

The restaurant is labelled as vegan in the Park-Guide, but there are no officially labelled vegan options on the menu. Nevertheless, some options should be vegan according to the ingredients and allergens listed on the menu:

  • Roasted vegetable polenta slices with plantains chilli vegetables and grilled eggplant (11.00€)
  • several cold and warm Tapas, like Olives in herb oil or Stewed zucchini in tomato-garlic sauce
  • Ciabatta or white bread

Take a look at Cocorico’s menu online

La Dulce

Marked with the vegan symbol in the Park-Guide. We found a fruit cup and juices (not clearly labelled, but vegan):

  • Fruit Cup
  • Juices

Churros Mexico

Vegan-labelled option:​

  • vegan labelled Churros with cinnamon sugar or classic
vegan churros Mexico

Focaccia Mexico

Vegan-labelled option:​

  • vegan Focaccia with grilled vegetables

Slush Mexico

Vegan-labelled in the Park-Guide, unfortunately we didn´t manage to visit it. Please ask for vegan options.

Vegan in "China Town":

The little China Town features the haunted house “Geister Rikscha” the “Feng Ju Palace”, an Open-Air-Stage and several shops and restaurants. 

Our highlight was the Chinese restaurant “Mandschu”, where we found a selection of delicious tofu and vegetable dishes. 


Restaurant Mandschu

Vegan section on the menu:

  • Fried eggplant with ginger, garlic and piquant Szechuan sauce, spicy. (9.50€)
  • Tofu with rice and sesame oil, soy, baby corn, ginger, garlic, chinese broccoli and chili (10.00€)
  • Fried tofu with Chinese cabbage and sweet peas in hoisin sauce, a bit spicy (9.50€)

Take a look at Mandschu’s menu online

vegan chinese Food
We had the two tofu dishes which tasted surprisingly good

Süßwaren China Town

Marked with vegan symbol in the Park-Guide. Unfortunately we didn´t manage to visit the place in person and did not found more information online.

Slush China Town

Marked with vegan symbol in the Park-Guide. Unfortunately we didn´t manage to visit the place in person and did not found more information online.

Vegan in "Deep in Africa":

The main attraction of Deep in Africa can be seen and heard from far: the Black Mamba. If you’re into fast rollercoasters with loops and corkscrews, then this is for you.

The only food place here is right in front of the Black Mamba, “Baobab Snack”, and offers vegan falafel and fries. Here’s also a Park entrance if you’re staying overnight at the “Hotel Matamba”.

Phantasialand Deep in Africa Black Mamba
The Black Mamba rollercoaster in "Deep in Africa"

Baobab Snack

Vegan-labelled option:

  • Falafel with Salad and Sauce (4.20€)
  • Fries (2.80€ / 3.70€)

Vegan in "Fantasy":

The theme world “Fantasy” is a great starting point for families with (small) children due to its abundance of kids-rides. The latest and definitely most popular ride is the VR-Family-Rollercoaster “Crazy Bats”, which unfortunately we couldn’t try out as it had an incredibly long waiting line (again, on a Saturday in August). 

Schwan Snack

Marked with vegan symbol in the Park-Guide. We only found plain fries there.

  • Fries

Hotel Restaurants and Bars

We did not spend a night in one of the hotels. However, both Hotels Matamba and Ling Bao have an à la carte restaurant and bars.  

The Park-Guide indicates all restaurants and bars of both hotels (except Dragon Bar) with the vegan symbol. We didn’t eat at any of the places, so feel free to let us know of your experience in the comments! 

Restaurant Zambesi (Hotel Matamba)

They offer an African Buffet. An oversight of the options can be seen online, but without allergens or vegan labels. The Restaurant itself is labeled as vegan in the Park-Guide.

African Restaurant Bantu (Hotel Matamba)

One vegan option as starters and one as tapas are on the menu.

  • Baby eggplant (11.00€)
  • Tapas for two guests: vegan cous cous patty (12.00€)

Take a look at Bantu’s menu online

Jafari Bar (Hotel Matamba)

Even though the Jafari Bar wears the vegan symbol in the Park-Guide, no further infos can be found on the menu. No list of allergens.

Restaurant Bamboo (Hotel Ling Bao)

Vegan labelled restaurant. However, we couldn’t find any more infos. No menu online.

Asian Restaurant Lu Chi (Hotel Ling Bao)

Following vegetarian options should also be vegan, according the their list of allergens. Please make sure and ask.

  • Sorbets: Jackfruit, Tonka Bean
  • Vegetarian main course: lime infused udonnoodles / shi-take /soy / dragon beans

Take a look at Lu Chi’s menu online

Li River Bar (Hotel Ling Bao)

The bar has a vegan section on the menu:

  • "Wild Herbsalad": Yuzu Dressing / Honey Tomato / Roasted Red Onions / Soy infused Shi Take Mushrooms (12€)
  • Tapioca Pudding: vegan according to list of allergens (7€)

Take a look at Li River Bar’s menu online

You’re definitely on the safe side ordering in one of the à la carte restaurants. Here the options are clearly marked. Even though the buffet-restaurants are labelled with vegan dishes, it might not be so easy to find out and you probably have to ask your way through the buffet. However, the word veganism is a known one in Phantasialand! 

Fantissima - Dinner Show

For the fans of dinner-shows out there, Phantasialand offers you at “Fantissima” a vegan menu, which has to be ordered in advance. Just leave a comment during the booking and you’ll get a plant-based 4 course menu.

Our Summary of Phantasialand

We hope we made things about vegan eats at Phantasialand a bit clearer for you. How you noticed in our lists, you can find plant-based food in every theme world and won’t have to starve. Our highlight was the restaurant Mandschu in China Town. The food was really tasty and not expensive. 

While we’re talking about expensive: the entrance fee is typical for an amusement park in Germany. Food seemed to be fair, unlike the beverages (3.20€ for a bottle of water). If you’re spending a whole day in the Park, bring some snacks and at least a bottle of water with you. There are also lockers and before a ride there’s always the option to leave your backpack or purse on the ground.

...last but not least, a few essential tips

  • Visit Phantasialand on a weekday, so you can avoid the crowds and have way less waiting times.
  • Be there before the park opens. We were left in 10 minutes before the official opening time.
  • The first rides open 30 minutes before the opening time of the park. This gives you the possibility to wander around and enjoy the special atmosphere of a quiet morning or secure your spot on your favourite ride.
  • The main entrance “Berlin” is the most popular one in the morning, head for “Mystery” or “China Town”
  • The most restaurants and snack bars don’t open before 11:30am. Even drinks are not easy to find before noon.
  • “Single Rider”: some rides give you the possibility to enter a separate queue alone and you can usually get on them a lot faster. If uneven groups of people from the ordinary line board the attraction, you can join them to fill the last seat. That is, if you don’t mind not sitting next to your friend(s).
  • The Phantasialand App shows you an interactive map of your surroundings and even the waiting times of the rides. You can enable notifications and get alerted when your favourite ride has significantly shorter queues. This can come in really handy.

We hope our ultimate guide helped you out. As always, thanks for reading and enjoy your stay!


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