Intro: Backpacking in North Vietnam

After we travelled to Cambodia last year, our next destination in Asia was North Vietnam. We consciously decided to go to Southeast Asia again, for obvious reasons: fantastic food, pleasant people and stunning landscapes are only some of the decisive things. 

We started our two-week journey in Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam. The following day we took the bus to Tam Coc in the region of Ninh Binh, where we stayed in a wonderful homestay for three days. From Tam Coc, another bus took us to Cat Ba Island and after one more night in Hanoi, the first change of climate awaited us: about 2,500 meters above sea level, Sapa was quite misty, cloudy and rainy. We had temperatures under 20 degrees Celsius and we looked forward staying at the coast in Halong Bay for one more day. The last three days of our journey we spent in Hanoi, where we probably tested every vegan and vegetarian restaurant. 

Our time in Vietnam was outstanding and packed with adventures. The food was amazing as expected and we ate a lot while we tried some new, by then unknown things. 

Compared to Cambodia, Vietnam is often quite touristic and thus a little bit more expensive. If you ask us which place we liked better, we cannot answer with certainty. In Cambodia, we were fascinated by the really friendly and open-hearted people. This was one thing we somewhat missed in Vietnam. On the other hand, Vietnam is full of beautiful nature and we found a lot more traditional food there. 

In the end we are looking back to two wonderful weeks in North Vietnam and are glad to tell you about our experiences in the upcoming blogposts. Enjoy reading!


Vietnam Travel Log

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